Sport & Motor Racing

Sport has always been in my life – my father was a world champion hockey player and my grandfather a gifted race driver. I myself dabbled in sport with particular emphasis in football where I played for a multiple champion school team during my teens.

My interest gravitated towards motor racing and I can be considered an expert in motorsport history and current affairs. I also maintain an avid interest in most high level international sports and have intimate knowledge on the big events and competitions.

Photography has allowed me to experience sport at the highest international level and the knowledge absorbed by this experience allowed me to convert this into practice, in my career, in the media and communications industry.

My role in the industry included: planning and organising high level, multi-lingual press conferences, hosting working media at big international events at the venue, as well as major corporate events for media and organisations. I hence feel well versed and prepared to tackle any sport, at any level, from a media and communications perspective.